On this page you can read my resumé as a quick overview of what you can expect. More information will be added shortly and if you have any questions, you can send me a message.

Karen Govaerts
Flemish Medical and Technical Translator

Source Languages

  • English: C2 (2012: TOEFL, British Council, score 8/9)
  • German: C1 (2010: Goethe Certificate) + in-house translation job in Germany since May of 2011
  • French: C1 (2013: DALF)

Target Languages

Dutch: official language in the Netherlands and in Flanders, the northern half of Belgium
Flemish: unofficial variant of Dutch, spoken in the region of Flanders, Belgium
They differ in word choice, idioms and pronunciation. Spelling and grammar are the same.


Medicine (general)

  • Participation in exams for Bachelor’s Medical Office Management: fundamental anatomy, physiology, pathology, medical terminology (2012 - 2014)
  • Course: English for Medical Professions (2014)
  • Close contact to a nurse
  • MOOCs: Vital Signs; Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials; Genes – From Behavior to Biotechnology; The Science of Safety in Healthcare

Medical equipment

  • Traineeship: translation of documents for medical devices (2005)
  • Three years’ experience translating technical documents, safety instructions, manuals, software for Medical Device Manufacturers (2011 - 2014)


  • Vast interest in the subject
  • Close contact to a dietitian
  • MOOCs: Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention; Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health; Exercise Physiology; coming up: Gut Check – Exploring your Microbiome

Other field of interest: Finance

  • Workshops Financial Translation during Master’s (2009)
  • Bachelor and Master Paper on Metaphor in Financial Texts (2008 - 2010)
  • Course: English for the Financial Sector (preparation for Cambridge Certificate of Financial English) (2014) 


In-house Dutch Translator and Reviser at a translation agency – English, German, French into Dutch

euroscript Deutschland GmbH Berlin, Germany 2011 - 2014

  • Tasks: translating, revising, answering questions of freelancers concerning the translations, researching a wide variety of subjects, working under time restrictions
  • Languages: German, English and French into Dutch, both for Belgium and the Netherlands. Lots of language-related discussions with colleagues from Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Subjects: machine manufacturing, wind and solar energy, railway transport, automotive, pumping, biomedical technology, medical instruments, clinical trials, ophthalmology, oncology, implants, patient information leaflets, …
  • Texts: technical documentation, mailings, brochures, surveys, contracts, press releases, clinical trial protocols, websites, safety instructions, user manuals, …
  • CAT-tools: Trados 2007, Trados Studio 2011, Across, Transit NXT, Termweb, xBench, Passolo, MultiTerm, WinAlign, clients’ tools

Master’s Degree in Translation – English and German (and French) into Dutch

HUB University Brussels, Belgium 2008 - 2010

  • Master's thesis: Metaphors in financial texts
  • Dutch: all rules for spelling and grammar, with attention to the nuances within the Dutch-speaking regions
  • Translation workshops:
    • Finance in English
    • Finance and law in German
    • Science and technology in German
  • Brush up course French conversation

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Translation – English, German and French (and Spanish) into Dutch

KHLeuven College Leuven, Belgium 2002 - 2005

  • Effective communication in English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch
  • Translations in several industry subjects
  • Large translation project using Trados Workbench
  • Traineeship: 2 months as a translator with a manufacturer of medical devices


  • Spending time in Belgium with my family (that includes the nurse and the dietitian!)
  • Watching news shows on Flemish TV to keep up with language, politics, culture, …
  • Volunteering as a reviser for a Belgian non-profit organization I used to be part of
  • Reading: blogs, social media, news sites, literature, magazines, newsletters
  • Going on long walks
  • Investing in continuing professional development
    • Participation in exams for Bachelor's Medical Office Management: fundamental anatomy, physiology, pathology, medical terminology (2012 - 2014)
    • Webinars for medical translators (Alexandria Project, eCPD webinars for translators)
    • Lots of MOOCs on medical topics by Coursera, EdX, iversity, FutureLearn, …
    • Conferences: FIT conference Berlin; MedTranslate14 in Freiburg